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About Us

Nirvana Memorial Garden in Singapore offers premium quality niches as well as high quality and reliable funeral services. We are Singapore’s first privatised columbarium to integrate traditional Chinese culture with contemporary architecture and design, combining Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism teachings, with the objective to preserve time-honoured rituals while advancing the quality of afterlife care services.

Nirvana Memorial Garden has shed the traditional solemn image of columbarium. With its leading edge technology, superior construction quality and consistent upkeep, Nirvana creates a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere for visitors to pay respects to their deceased loved ones.

Managed professionally by our friendly staff, Nirvana Memorial Garden works to provide a peaceful resting place for the departed, guiding the deceased towards nirvana and giving a complete peace of mind for the family members, bestowing good fortune to the living.


Shuttle bus service

Shuttle bus service is available from Boon Lay MRT station to Nirvana Memorial Garden and vice versa, between 9.45am to 4.45pm daily.



Nirvana memorial Garden Singapore is an educator of Chinese culture in filial piety and reverence of ancestors. This land of auspicious fengshui is ideal for descendants to esteem their ancestors, and serves as a sacred space for ancestors to attain enlightenment.

Comfortable seating can be seen around the premises. Beverages, biscuits and lunches are provided. Visitors will definitely enjoy Nirvana, be it enjoying the idyllic scenery, family getherings of Wifi.

In Nirvana, their resident masters conduct daily chanting sessions. They also host regular prayer ceremonies, provide professional service and prayer reminders

Renowned Brand

NV Multi Asia has more than 20 years experience in the industry and it is Asia’s largest bereavement care provider NV Multi Asia has undergone expansion from Malaysia to other South East Asia countries like Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and also China over the years and Nirvana is dedicated to help our client during their time of mourning and distress when a loved one passes on.

Pre-plan to save for the future and Inflation Protection

We will lock in the price you have invested with a fixed price payment plan and it is the best way to hedge against inflation in the midst of currency devaluation and rising cost of living. As such, the sooner you start to pre-plan for the future, the more you will save as it has been proven the pricing of this product has increased over the years.

Attractive Zero Percent Interest Installment Plan

We offer a two-year payment plan with 0% interest which will not only safeguard your decision, but also help you to reduce your financial burden.

Excellent Location

With the entire area of Old Choa Chu Kang is now devoted to cemeteries, the serene and peaceful surroundings will ensure an idyllic resting place for the departed loved ones.

What is Funeral Service Pre-Planning?

If you choose to pre-plan your funeral, there are a lot of ways on how your service can be personalized. In case your choice is to plan it before cremation or burial so that people can see your body at the service, planning a funeral service is what you should do. By doing so, your funeral service will happen based on everything you want. It might not be something you are willing to do but acceptance is the 1st step when it comes to pre-planning your funeral.

Benefits of Pre Planning:

Prevent family disputes by planning early

Avoid imposing hassles and inconvenience on the next generation

Beat inflation by planning in advance

Prevent unforeseen circumstances from burdening the next generation

Provide wide variety price packages

One issue that constantly bothers the human mind is whether their remains and those of their loved ones will be treated with love and respect many years after their demise.

To demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism while assisting clients and their family members at the pivotal times of their lives. To exercise our responsibility as an industry leader by setting high standards of service, safety and fair business practices.


To be a caring and responsible organisation. We are commited to providing quality service to clients with personal care and attention.

We offer excellent after-sales service on product-related services, essential rituals, traditional offerings for loved ones and praying ceremony advice and service.



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