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niche exhumationand grave exhumation


niche relocation & grave exhumation

The ideal final resting place

Do you need to relocate a niche from a temple or a government-owned columbarium? Or do you need to exhume and relocate remains from a cemetery? Or perhaps you need to exhume the grave of a loved one at Choa Chu Kang Cemetery because of the New Burial Policy?

Are you affected by the exhumation of more than 80,000 graves for the expansion of Tengah Airbase? Or the relocation of niches from Mount Vernon Columbarium?

Our Exhumation Package Starts From $800

We offer a comprehensive one-stop solution for the exhumation of your loved ones' tomb that includes:

  • Submission of your application to NEA

  • Help with choosing 5-7 auspicious date and time to conduct the exhumation

  • Notification from NEA on the availablity of auspicios dates selected

  • Ground-breaking ceremony

  • Chanting session for exhumation to be arranged

  • Actual day exhumation process to occur

  • Cremation service

  • Transportation and delivery of the final cremated remains

Our exhumation packages start from $800 and if you require any additional religious services to be conducted, the additional charges for these religious rites and services will vary depending on the specific requirements.

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