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As needed or Pre Planned one stop funeral services available

What’s Included?
All our Funeral Service Packages include:

  • Choices of 3 days 2 nights or 5 days 4 nights packages

  • Embalment Handling and Encoffin Services

  • Preparation of Memorial Ceremony

  • Coordination of Funeral Service and Memorial Ceremony

  • Funeral Procession Service

  • and Cremation & Retrieval of Ashes

Our funeral services can be utilised anywhere and to anyone even though they never buy our others products:

The funeral services can be held at or outside Nirvana Columbarium depending on our customers need. (funeral homes, parlour, churches, HDB void deck, other places around Singapore)

We will offer you the best service and care to help you through this difficult time. Nirvana will arrange every detail of a funeral service customized to fit your families' needs and traditions.

Our funeral packages are offered both on an as-needed and pre-planned basis:

1. ‘As-needed’ products and services are available to customers who require an immediate need for a funeral service upon the demise of their loved ones.

2. ‘Pre-planned’ products and services are made available for customers who wish to pre-plan their own or their loved ones’ funeral services.

Transparent Pricing
Don’t be caught unawares with additional costly ‘extras’ that some funeral service providers have been known to charge. They give you a low ‘budget’ quote and charge you for every little additional item they can.

Our funeral packages are priced competitively and we list all the services and items that are included for full transparency.


A Service Respect for Women

Preserving the dignity of your departed loved ones


The White Ladies are team of professionally trained female embalmers and beauticians dedicated to rendering their immaculate services with a genuine heart for deceased female body. This will leave a comforting imprint on the spouse, parents and children who would feel more at ease with this service respect for their departed loved ones.

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