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Prayers Sessions (Within a year of the deceased departure):

When a family member departs, there are traditional customs and prayers to follow according to the Chinese culture. Being in an ever changing Singaporean society, our bereavement services has done much research to match the modern day demands, removing disadvantageous aspects.This is so that we can provide a full range of funeral prayers and services such as: 

  • Settling the spirit of the departed

  • Paying respects and offerings to the spirit of the departed

  • Ending of mourning period to the spirit of the departed

  • Shi Jin (Bone Picking, the relocation of remains)

  • Changing of Urn

  • Interment of Urn (Moving of urn into niche)

  • Settling in to the ancestral tablet

  • Zuo Qi (49 Day Ritual)

  • 100-day

  • Anniversaries

  • Dui Nian

  • 3rd Year

Follow up Prayers (for traditional festivals and important dates):

In addition to funeral prayers for the newly departed, Chinese families also make offerings to their departed family members during traditional Chinese festivals, important birth dates and death anniversary. We provide such follow up worship and prayer services for:

  • Birth anniversaries 

  • Death anniversaries 

  • Qing Ming Festival 

  • 7th Month (Hungry Ghost Festival)

  • Chinese New Year/Yuan Xiao Festival/Dragon Boat Festival/Mid-Autumn Festival/Winter Solstice

Offerings or Special Prayers to avert misfortunes and sufferings:

  • To pray for longevity and prosperity

  • Candle-lighting Blessing Ceremony

  • To transcend the infant spirits

  • Resolving of Karma debtors

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